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Smart Home Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

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Company Profile
Shenzhen Jieyaa Intelligent Technology Co., Limited
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Floor 3, Block 8, Huikai Industrial Park, Shilong Industrial Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.



Product Details

Zinc Alloy Digital Electronic Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock with Password Card Doorbell Function for Smart Home

Product Specifications











Panel Material

Zinc Alloy、Acrylic


Lock Body Mortise

304 Stainless Steel #6068 Mortise


Fingerprint Sensor

Biometric Semiconductor Module FPC


Unlocking Mode

Fingerprint、Password、RFID Card、Mechanical Key


User Register Capacity

(350 Groups): Fingerprint 200、Password 50、RFID Card 100


Identification Time



False Rejection Rate



False Acceptance Rate



Door Thickness



Operating Temperature



Operating Humidity



Power Supply Type

4 AA Alkaline Battery


Battery Life

12 Months


Low Power Alarm

When Blow 4.8V(100 times at least)


Emergency Power

USB Charging Port









1 Year

Product Features and Details

1. Multiple Unlocking Mode

The smart lock can be unlocked by fingerprint, password, RFID Card as well as mechanical keys.

With double verification mode, the smart door lock can be unlock by combined ways: Fingerprint and Password, Fingerprint and Card, Password and Card.

The smart door lock can also support passage mode and keep the door unlocked.

2. Biometric Semiconductor FPC Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint module head adopts the living biometric identification technology imported from Germany, making it 360 degree fast speed identification, sensitive and secure.

Semiconductor fingerprint module can only read living fingerprint and any artificial fingerprints will be refused.

The fingerprint sensor is built on the smart lock handle, which makes it good looking and very convenient to hold and unlock within 0.1~0.3 second.

3. English Operating System and Voice Prompts

The English voice prompts will direct you how to add users of fingerprints, passwords and cards, as well as how to delete fingerprints, passwords and cards, making it very easy to operate.

4. Anti-Peeping Virtual Password Technology

Random digits can be added before or after the correct password to unlock the smart door lock as long as you enter the correct password continuously.

It can prevent the strangers from peeping the correct password and protect your privacy as well as keep your home safe.

5. With built-in doorbell and anti-theft beep alarm function.

6. Touch screen keypad, you can see crystal clear numbers at night.

7. Free-style Handle

Swing the handle up to turn the privacy deadbolt to double lock mode. Press the handle down to open the door. Please note the smart door lock can be locked automatically after you close the door.

8. C-Level Lock Cylinder and Stainless Steel Lock Body Mortise

9. Powered by 4pcs AA alkaline batteries, which can last for as long as 12 months.

10. Low Power Alarm and USB Charging Port for Emergency Power Supply

Before the battery is running out, there will be low power alarm for at least 50 times, warning you to change the battery. And if the battery is running out already, you can also use a power bank to supply the power to wake up the smart door lock.

11. The Opening Direction of The Door

A: Left Push     B: Right Push

C: Left Pull       D: Right Pull

Delivery Method

Our Advantages

High Quality

We regard product quality as the fundamental basis and have a professional and effective quality control system which is strictly applied in the whole production process, from the material importing period to the complete product testing period before shipment !

Satisfactory Service

With qualified product knowledge, smooth communicating skills and consideration towards our partners and clients, we regard satisfactory service as the ultimate value and we are serious about anything related to it, no matter it is big or small !

Competitive Price

Large scale production and well trained workers reduce cost greatly. Moreover, in order to support our partners and clients a competitive price in their market, we are always offering the bottom price.


1. How long is the delivery time?

It depends on the order quantity, shipping method and the location of your country. For bulk OEM order the production time is 7~10 working days. And the shipping time by airline is 3~7 days for most countries.

2. Is it required to connect the Jieyaa Smart Door Lock to the Internet ?

All the Jieyaa smart door locks can work offline and do not require Internet connection. However, for some models, Internet connection is required when you use your smartphone to control the smart lock remotely to generate or change passwords.

3. How do I know and what should I do when the battery for the smart door lock is running out ?

Once the power voltage is lower than 4.8V, there will be a warning alarm every time when you unlock the smart lock(at least 100 times before running out). If the battery is already running out, you can either use the mechanical key or emergency power(use power bank to charge the USB port) mode to unlock the smart lock.

4. Is there a master password for the owner to manage the users registered on the smart door lock ?

There is a master fingerprint, password or card that is pre-set in the smart lock. You can add or delete users once you have the access to the master fingerprint, password or card.

Qualification and Certificate

Factory Photos

Related News and Knowledge

Semiconductor and optical fingerprint smart door lock which is good? How to choose?

As the maturity of fingerprint lock industry and the improvement of people's living standard, more and more consumers choose fingerprint lock in succession when decorating or changing the lock. Currently, the market is mainly divided into two categories, one is semiconductor fingerprint identification, and the other is optical fingerprint identification. But many consumers and even some fingerprint lock practitioners have a hard time distinguishing between the two.

At present, the major intelligent lock enterprises are promoting "semiconductor fingerprint lock than optical fingerprint lock", what is the truth? Today, door lock master for readers to comb the semiconductor fingerprint identification and optical fingerprint identification between the two differences and advantages and disadvantages of comparison, hope to the intelligent lock industry practitioners and consumers have some help.

With the decrease of cost, more and more fingerprint lock enterprises choose semiconductor fingerprint identification module. So what are the advantages of fingerprint recognition module? What are its disadvantages?

First, the advantages of semiconductor fingerprint identification

1.Semiconductor fingerprint recognition module can only identify living fingerprint, which has high security. In other words, the semiconductor fingerprint head can penetrate the skin layer, so the widely circulated silica gel fingerprint simulation here is of little use. The advantage of identifying a living fingerprint is that the fingerprint can hardly be copied or imitated.

2.Semiconductor fingerprint recognition module has very high sensitivity and accuracy. Semiconductor fingerprint identification is a capacitor array composed of tens of thousands of capacitors. The distance from fingerprint ridge and valley to touch plate is collected to form fingerprint data. Compared with optical scanning, semiconductor fingerprint identification can collect finer fingerprint details and collect faster.

3. High recognition rate of semiconductor fingerprint identification module. The optical fingerprint head will be affected by the dry, wet and shallow fingerprint in normal use, which will lead to the phenomenon of wrong identification and inability to identify the fingerprint, and the semiconductor can avoid these problems to the greatest extent.

In addition, semiconductor also has advantages such as low power consumption and small size, which is of great help to reduce the power consumption of intelligent locks and reduce the size of locks.

Second, the semiconductor fingerprint identification insufficiency

1.Semiconductor fingerprint recognition module costs a little more. Obviously, the cost of capacitive version of semiconductor fingerprint identification module is higher than that of toughened glass of optical fingerprint module. Of course, the cost of other components is also higher than that of optical fingerprint module, so the cost is relatively high. However, with the development of the industry, the price difference between the two gradually decreases.

2. Semiconductor fingerprint identification module is not easy to maintain. The acquisition window of the semiconductor fingerprint head will be affected by stains, sweat and static electricity, and it is easy to be scratched. Therefore, attention should be paid to protection and maintenance when using, or the service life can hardly be guaranteed.

Advantages and disadvantages of optical fingerprint recognition

At present, due to the low cost and strong adaptability of optical fingerprint identification module, it is widely used in various fields. At present, many low-end fingerprint locks use optical fingerprint identification module.

First, the advantages of optical fingerprint identification

1. Strong environmental adaptability of optical fingerprint recognition module. The optical fingerprint head acquisition window is generally made of toughened glass, which can resist pressure, abrasion and corrosion of acid, alkali and stains to a certain extent. Good adaptability to the working environment temperature, in -15 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius, humidity 20% to 95% of the environment can also maintain the operation of the parts, and the glass surface is easy to clean, can be used for home and other ordinary environments, but also can be used for humid, high temperature and dust and other special environments.

2. Good stability of optical fingerprint identification module. The optical fingerprint identification technology has been tested and improved by the market for a long time, and the optical fingerprint head has a good adaptability to the environment, so it has a good stability in the use process and a long theoretical life.

3. Low cost of optical fingerprint identification module. Optical fingerprint head developed earlier, has a mature industry scale, can be modular mass production, and the raw materials used in optical fingerprint head is relatively cheap, so the cost of optical fingerprint head is generally cheaper than semiconductor fingerprint head.

Second, the shortcomings of optical fingerprint identification

1. Weak security performance of optical fingerprint identification. Due to the principle of the fingerprint identification technology of the optical fingerprint head, the optical fingerprint head cannot identify the authenticity of the fingerprint, if the user's fingerprint is carefully obtained and imitation, it is easy to cheat.

2. There are some inherent defects in the accuracy of optical fingerprint identification. Learning fingerprint head is the reflection of the ridge and valley of the fingerprint to the light of different imaging, for the shallow fingerprint, fingerprint is too dry or peeling users, will be prone to the phenomenon of false identification.

3. The power consumption of optical fingerprint recognition is relatively large. The optical fingerprint head needs to emit strong light, so compared with the semiconductor fingerprint head, it needs more electric energy. Generally, the optical fingerprint lock needs to be changed once for half a year, and the semiconductor fingerprint lock can be used for about a year.

In summary, semiconductor fingerprint lock and optical fingerprint lock have their own advantages. Users can choose a suitable fingerprint lock according to the above introduction combined with their own needs and preferences. But semiconductor fingerprint lock will be the development trend of the future.